Christmas Cards for Sarah





Sarah’s Story

Sarah Turpin was a loving daughter, granddaughter, friend, sister, partner, wife, teacher, and mom. Quick witted, funny, and bright, she sparkled with every step.

On a Tuesday Sarah was diagnosed with stage 4 Choriocarcinoma, a very rare, very aggressive Cancer. That Friday she passed at the age of 32. Sarah and Peter’s three amazing children were all under the age of three when she died. Sarah had great dreams for her children to grow, thrive and become great citizens of the world. She wanted her children to be nurtured by the best possible people and have access to opportunities that encourage physical, creative and cognitive skill development. Raising healthy, secure, caring and active children was her highest priority.


Sarah Turpin was taken from her family far, far too early and in an effort to help continue the grand plan she had for her three phenomenal children to have a healthy, secure, caring and active upbringings, a group of five local artists have put out a line of Holiday Greeting Cards.



For more information on Christmas Cards for Sarah, now known as Sarah’s Cards Inc., or to inquire about purchasing cards for Christmas 2017, fill out this form:


49 thoughts on “Christmas Cards for Sarah

    1. Hi Nicole!
      Thanks so much for your interest. You can send you money via E-mail money transfer to, and we will either drop them off to you if you live in St. John’s or mail them out if you’re outside the city. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me, or comment on here again. 🙂
      Thanks again,


      1. Thank you for doing this. My niece is named Rowan and I can’t imagine how her father would carrying on alone. My best to you, the other artists and this special family. I hope they have the warmest and kindest possible Christmas.


  1. I knew Sarah as a young child when she attended the school I worked at. She was such a lovely child so I’m not surprised she grew into a wonderful, loving adult. My heart aches for husband and children and Anne Marie and Chris….. I have the fortunate opportunity to work with Chris and Anne Marie. Rest easy Sarah


  2. I ordered a pack of cards- and now I’m wondering how I can do the Email money transfer? What should I use as a password? (I need one right?)


  3. Hi there, I think I may have placed an order a couple of days ago but I have no clue if it’s went through or not. Could someone please let me know and if not, I’ll re order them. I think this is a wonderful way to help support this family!!


  4. An amazing idea. The cards are beautiful. Are you able to mail them to Halifax, Ns?
    Also, do you get all 5 cards with the different designs ?


  5. I read about this family’s story on CBC this morning and was so touched, I wanted to contribute to them in some way. This is a lovely fundraiser – i’m glad to know that Peter and the kids have such a community to support them through the most difficult time.Thank you to the artists and everyone else lending a helping hand. 🙂


  6. This endeavour could become an annual effort, a series of a set of cards! Costs will be ongoing and only increasing for this family. The five artists may wish to continue or others might wish to participate, and alternate years…..!


  7. What a wonderful way to show support; ordered my cards and will share with as many as I can.

    Sending peaceful, healing energy to wrap this family in one big loving hug… Wishing them enough.


  8. What a sad story and a beautiful campaign. I’d like to order a set but I live in BC. Do we add additional funds for shipping and, if so, how much?


  9. My husband and I own and operate Skinner’s DJ & VJ Service in Bryant’s Cove. We would like to offer our services free of charge for any future benefits in Sara’s memory. She was a high school classmate of mine. We do video dj’ing and can air any slideshows or memorials that people have created for Sara. Even if a benefit is not planned for the near future, we also do interactive kids parties! And I know those three little ones have many birthdays in their futures. Please contact us if you’re in need of any of these services. It would be an honour to do a benefit, or host a birthday party for Sara’s children. You can find us on FB under Skinner’s DJ & VJ Service, or call 589 4073. Thank you.


  10. I only heard of this tragic loss today. My heart breaks for Sarah and her young family. I am fighting back tears at my desk and thankful I do not have customers at the moment. I’ll share this fundraiser with friends and family out West and have already made an appointment to donate blood. I am a regular but will be doing this next visit in memory of her.
    Sarah’s family is in my thoughts, my deepest of sympathies at such a painful time.


  11. Hi Hillary,
    I sent etransfer did you receive it? I also emailed password but it said invalid email so I’m just double checking!

    Kind Regards,


      1. Ok, it says payment received & I can’t cancel it. I imagine you’re probably overloaded with emails so we can discuss this via email 😊

        Thank you


  12. Hi I ordered these cards Id love to support this family but don’t quite understand the pymt form could U explain PLS Also is Windsor Ontario too far If they’re late I’ll use them next yr thx


  13. Hello, just wondering if there are any plans to have the cards available for purchase at local businesses? Many people may not know how or be comfortable with electronic money transfers.


    1. Hi Terri!
      Yes! The cards are currently available at Twisted Sister Boutique, Sound Salon and Spa, The Ramada hotel, and the Guv’nor pub. They will also be available at the open house event at The Plantation in Quidi Vidi Village!
      Thanks for asking that question, I forgot to post those location on the website!


  14. Hi Hillary,

    I placed my order and sent a donation via e-transfer on Dec 2nd but haven’t received any confirmation. I’m sure you guys are super busy but just wanted to check that everything worked properly. 🙂


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